Yonex EZONE 100L Tennis Racquet (7th Gen)

$299.00 CAD

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Thanks to its open 16x19 string pattern, lighter weighting of 285 grams, and slightly head light balance point, the EZONE 100L (7th Gen version) provides that perfect blend of fast-paced play and explosive power!

This new 7th generation version of the EZONE 100L has a really improved, softer feel in comparison to previous generations of the EZONE thanks to its inverted frame design.

With its excellent spin potential, comfortable feel, unrelenting speed, and explosive power the EZONE 100L is ideal for players looking to control the pace of play by taking the ball early and moving their opponent around the court.

Featuring some incredibly exciting updates in comparison to previous versions of the EZONE 100L, the EZONE 100L (7th Gen) incorporates 2G-NAMD Speed Graphite into its durable frame in order to give the user enhanced speed without compromising on comfort.

It also features a thicker Oval Pressed Shaft to minimise the impact of off-centre hits. This smart-looking racquet also has a Vibration Dampening Mesh located in the handle to reduce the impact on your arm.

Yonex EZONE 100L Tennis Racquet (7th Gen)

For all-around players looking for a lighter racquet to command the court with added power and comfort.

Head Size: 100 sq.in.
Weight: 285 g / 10.1 oz
Length: 27 in.
Width Range: 23.8 mm - 26.5 mm - 22.5 mm
Balance Point: 325 mm
Material: HM GRAPHITE / 2G-Namd™ SPEED / VDM
Stringing Pattern: 16 x 19
Stringing Advice: 40 - 55 lbs