Wilson Ultra 100L V3.0 Tennis Racquet

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Full of power like the rest of Wilson's Ultra Range, but the Ultra 100L V3 is also light and maneuverable, making it ideal for a player looking to access pace with a comfortable feel and a smaller swing.

The racquet's Sweet Spot Channel has a cavity on the inside of the frame that extends cross strings and increases grommet movement, grommets also feature a Crush Zone system that compresses on impact which leads to... you guessed it... more power! This power is also further increased by the Power Taper technology which increases cross-section mass for higher response levels.

The Inverted Power Rib throat geometry maximizes torsional stability in order to reduce twisting of the frame, it's no wonder that the 100 L V3 has the highest torsional stability level of a Wilson racquet.

If you're a player with a flat, compact style swing looking to add some speed to your hits, the Wilson Ultra 100 L V3 is worth a look!

Wilson Ultra 100L V3.0 Tennis Racquet

Lightweight in composition yet dripping with explosiveness, the Ultra 100L v3 redefines easy power for players who prefer flatter, more horizontal swings. The lightweight construction of this frame supplies enticing maneuverability for optimal net play and more comfortable swings, while a number of all-new PowerProfile geometries induce power and augment torsional stability through the swing. These geometries include added volume at 3 & 9, the extension of cross strings with added grommet movement, and a taper with more cross-section mass. Sporting a glistening gloss finish wrapped around a clean tri-colored design, the Ultra 100L v3 takes the heat up a notch with optimal power, appealing maneuverability, and increased torsional stability.

Head Size: 100 sq. inches / 645 sq. cm
Length: 27 inches / 68.58 cm
Weight: 9.8 oz / 277g unstrung
Balance: 6 pts head light / 320mm unstrung
Beam width: 24mm / 26mm / 23mm
String Pattern: 16/19