Wilson Pro Feel Clash Dampeners Black & Red Two Pack

$7.95 CAD

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Reduce unwanted vibrations as well as your risk of tennis elbow using the awesome Wilson Pro Feel Clash Dampener!

Coming in a handy 2-pack so you can equip your main racquet and your spare, these dampeners do an awesome job of absorbing shock on impact with the ball and dampening the vibrations that come with every shot.

This set perfectly complements the Clash range of tennis racquets and features the Wilson 'W' logo on one side with a reverse Blade colour palette.

Wilson Pro Feel Clash Dampeners Black & Red Two Pack

The immensely popular Pro Feel dampeners are now available in Wilson's record-setting Clash series. These dampeners help reduce any shock and vibrations felt along the forearm and elbow for a smoother feel upon contact. One side of the dampener features a signature "W" logo and the other sports a "Clash" logo to complement the look and feel of the Clash performance rackets.