Wilson Clash 26 V2 Junior Tennis Racquet

$160.00 CAD

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Perfect for up-and-coming juniors (aged 10-12) who are passionate about upping their game, the Wilson Clash 26 V2 Junior Tennis Racquet is a beast!

This performance tennis racquet incorporates Wilson's patent-protected FORTYFIVE° carbon construction to boost flexibility and stability on contact with the ball to give users a beautiful blend of power, control, and feel. In this updated V2 version, Wilson has altered the construction at the tip of the hoop to enhance consistency and grow the sweet spot.

The Clash 26 V2 also has Horizontal, Vertical, and Torsional Bending which adds flex to the frame to give junior players with all types of swing a huge amount of control over their shots as well as some extra forgiveness on off-centre hits.

Wilson Clash 26" Junior Tennis Racquet 

The Clash 26 v2 sets the bar high for design, comfort and game-changing performance in junior rackets. Coated with a rich red finish for a sleek look on the court, this racket feels remarkably arm-friendly thanks to its FORTYFIVE° carbon construction. This layup creates maximum flexibility and stability through the swing, which enables young players to swing aggressively and confidently without spraying the ball. Tip of hoop features revised construction for an enlarged sweet spot, permitting more forgiveness on off-center contact. Racket features Agiplast plant-based end cap, bumper and grommets to add an element of sustainability and reduce its overall environmental footprint.

Head: 645 sq cm / 100 sq in
Length:66.04cm / 26 in
String Pattern 16X19
Strung balance: 32.5cm
Strung balance: +0pts
Strung weight: 260g / 9.17oz
Taper System: 24.5mm
Unstrung balance: 31.5cm
Unstrung balance: -3pts
Unstrung weight: 245g / 8.64oz