Wilson Clash 100 UL V2.0 Tennis Racquet

$280.00 CAD

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It has arrived!

The all-new Wilson Clash V2 range is one of the most highly anticipated racquet launches of 2022, and for good reason. The Clash range is renowned for its comfort, feel, and the Clash 100 UL model is ultra-lightweight and arm friendly, making it ideal for developing juniors or those suffering from injury.

Weighing just 265 grams (unstrung), the Clash 100 UL V2.0 is incredibly maneuverable and perfect for doubles, volleys, and other near-the-net gameplay.

When it comes to technologies, Wilson has really pulled out all the stops. This racquet incorporates Parallel Drilling Grommet construction to provide a consistent, forgiving swing bed and larger sweet spot, it also features vertical, horizontal, and torsional bending to assist all styles of swing and forgive off-centre hits. 

Also, Wilson's patented FORTYFIVE° frame layup material produces even more feel when you strike the ball, especially if you have a more modern, vertical swing.

I can't end this description without mentioning the awesome new look of the 2022 V2 Clash range, the beautiful dark red and black colour scheme combined with the embossed Clash logo on the throat gives the racquet a really strong, smart aesthetic.

Wilson Clash 100 UL V2.0 Tennis Racquet

Ultra-lightweight and arm-friendly, the Clash 100UL v2 maintains supreme comfort for developing juniors or anyone dealing with a history of shoulder or arm injuries. Supremely maneuverable around the net for volleys and doubles play, this racket brings back the enviable flex of its previous version with an enhanced sweet spot for an additional dose of playability. Racket features patent-protected FORTYFIVE° construction and proprietary carbon mapping for an unmatched mix of flexibility and stability, while Agiplast plant-based bumper and grommets apply a sustainable approach to the design of this inviting frame.

Head (sq cm): 645
Head (sq in): 100
Length (cm): 68.58
Length (in): 27
String Pattern: 16X19
Strung balance: (cm) 34.1
Strung balance: (pts) -1
Strung weight: (grams) 281
Strung weight: (ounces) 9.91
Taper System (mm): 24.5 FB
Unstrung balance (cm): 33.1
Unstrung balance (pts): -4
Unstrung weight (grams): 265
Unstrung weight (ounces): 9.35