TMPR Sports

TMPR Sports Tantrum GXT Pickleball Paddle

$165.00 CAD

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When we saw the 'T' of the paddle face we knew we just had to carry TMPR Sports exciting new line of Pickleball paddles ...

Okay while that was an interesting coincidence we started carrying TMPR Sports as we saw them as a real innovator in Pickleball. Their paddles are more rounded and designed to be more aerodynamic, provide a larger sweet spot and also more familiar looking to players coming from other racquet sports.

TMPR Sports Trantrum GXT is a mid-weight paddle weighing in at 7.4-7.8 ounces. That weight provides an optimal balance between maneuverability and power and touch.

TMPR Sports Tantrum GXT Pickleball Paddle

The Tantrum GXT is a high-performance paddle for the player who wants extra control at the net. Made with an omni-directional graphite face and honeycomb polymer core, the Tantrum GXT is a medium weight paddle with an extra-soft touch. It has a 4.25" handle and 4.25" grip. The Tantrum GXT’s rounded shape creates a larger sweet spot than traditional square shaped paddles.

Shape: Elongated
Weight: 7.4-7.8oz
Length: 16"
Width: 7.25"
Grip Size: 4 1/4"
Handle Length: 4 1/4"
Core Thickness: 13mm
Edgeguard: Yes
Core Material: Polymer Honeycomb
Face Material: Graphite
Approved: USA Pickleball Approved