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TMPR Sports Oculus XT Pickleball Paddle

$190.00 CAD

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Introducing one of the more forgiving pickleball paddles we stock, the TMPR Sports Oculus XT...

With an oval shape and a larger sweet spot, any off-centre hits are less likely to result in error. The Oculus XT is of medium weight, and is designed featuring TMPR's own vibration dampening technology, your play will feel less strenuous but just as enjoyable!

It also comes with a fiberglass face and is manufactured with a honeycomb polymer core.

TMPR Sports Oculus XT Pickleball Paddle

The Oculus XT is a power paddle with a pleasing balance. Its oval shape provides a larger sweet spot than traditional rectangular-shaped paddles. It is made with a honeycomb polymer core and graphics printed directly on a fiberglass face. Featuring TMPR Sports’ handle vibration dampening technology, arm strain is diminished, resulting in a less strenuous yet more effective playing experience.

Shape: Rounded
Weight: 7.9-8.0oz
Length: 15.875"
Width: 8.125"
Grip Size: 4 1/4"
Handle Length: 5"
Core Thickness: 13mm
Edgeguard: Yes
Core Material: Polymer Honeycomb
Face Material: Fiberglass
Approved: USA Pickleball Approved