Tecnifibre Carboflex Airshaft 130 Squash Racquet

$199.99 CAD

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The latest of an all-time favourite, the new Tecnifibre Carboflex Airshaft range has been one of the most talked-about releases in the world of squash, and for good reason...

The Carboflex Airshaft 130 is the racquet of choice for Marwan El Shorbagy, and it can only be described as a sublime mix of power and control. Weighing 130 grams unstrung, it's not too light and not too heavy, the perfect medium!

The main difference in the new Airshaft range is the shape of the frame, which is constructed with a unique aerodynamic shape to vastly boost the speed and ease of your swing. The Airshaft 130 also comes with crossed layers of Carbon called X-Arms making the racquet easier to control with fast balls and hard hits.

Tecnifibre has also made a subtle, but important change to the 130 model. They have moved the balance point back 5mm towards the handle making the balance more even than it was in previous models. That slight tweak in balance makes the Airshaft 130 more manoeuvrable than all previous versions of the Carboflex 130.

Finally, the racquet also comes fully strung with Tecnifibre's own Dynamix V.P 1.25 which is known for its power, but it's also a comfortable string. This comfort comes is down to the V.P. part of the name, which stands for Vapor Process, in which the string is bathed in steam as a final treatment!

We can certainly see what all the hype is about! 

Tecnifibre Carboflex Airshaft 130 Squash Racquet

Balance: 350mm
String: Dynamix V.P 1.25
Head size: 500 cm2
Stringing pattern: 14x18
Weight: 130 grams