Tecnifibre Air Endurance Rackpack

$129.99 CAD

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A unique bag for the avid squash or tennis player the Tecnifibre Air Endurance Rackpack Bag is the bag that Mohamed ElShorbagy, the PSA World #1 is using to carry all of his gear.

At the end of the bag there is a separate, ventilated compartment that is designed for your shoes or wet clothing. The other end of the Rackpack has a small zippered compartment.

The unique part of this bag is the main centre section of the bag. You open it up from the top and there are different sections, or compartments that are partitioned off in the main area for carrying your racquets, accessories, clothing, and other gear you need for the court. The racquet compartment can handle 4 tennis or 5 squash racquets. It is a really smart designed and can handle a lot of gear.

The nylon the bag is made of is water resistant, tear resistant and is a very light weight. One side of the bag features Speed Ventilation that allows the main compartment to breath.

Overall the Tecnifibre Air Endurance Rackpack Bag is a terrific new design for the racquet player that is sure to be enjoyed by both tennis and squash players alike.