Salming Viper 4 Purple/Orange Women's Indoor Court Shoes

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The Salming Viper 4 Purple/Orange Women's Indoor Court Shoes are women's version of the Salming Viper 4. The Purple/Orange colour scheme is an attractive look for these great indoor court shoes.

The Viper are an extremely light high performance shoe. The Viper feature less cushioning in the forefoot than the Race series which aids in the player feeling really connected to the court. The Salming Viper 4 feature improved protection on the medial side of the shoe to help protect against toe drag. The The RollBar technology on inner edge of the shoe helps with pushing off aiding the player to get to the ball quicker. The ExoSkeleton structure provides the strength that the shoes need to keep your foot in place while changing directions. It really works well. The LMS+ unit provides excellent lateral support and helps prevent ankle roll. Overall a great pair of shoes. Salming has also strengthened the toe drag area to provide a bit more protection to the shoe for those who drag our back foot on the lunge.

Salming Viper 4 Purple/Orange Women's Indoor Court Shoes

The Salming Viper is a fast paced agile shoe with a low profile and excellent stability characteristics. It incorporates the very best of Salming Indoor shoe technologies and then some. If you’re a fan of the Salming Race model you will find the Viper lower and with less cushioning in the fore-foot area, enabling a more close-to-the court feel plus a lighter and more breathable upper.

The construction has its origin in the Salming Running shoe product range, where it has been very well received with its three layer system where the unique Salming ExoSkeleton™ keeps the foot in the right position during lateral movements and high performance activities. Agile, fast paced with a low profile – The Viper.

  • Weight: 251 g (UK 6)
  • Drop: 6 mm
  • Color: Purple/Orange
  • Gender: Women
  • Stack: 20 mm center of heel14 mm ball of foot
  • Midsole: RunLite™
  • Outsole: XR110™
  • Lining: Mesh
  • Sizes: UK3.5-8.5, EU36-42 2/3
  • SKU: 1237075-3508