Salming Forza Pro Squash Racquet

Salming Forza Pro Squash Racquet

$182.74 CAD

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The Salmig Forza Pro has been made lighter for this season which will be a welcome update for this popular racquet.

The Forza Pro features a 121 gram frame weight and 144 grams fully finished. It is balanced slightly towards the head at 366 mm. The combination of its light weight and close to even balance makes the Forza quite maneuverable and easy to volley with.

Its thicker beam provides a solid stiffer feel to it and helps with generating power.

If you are looking for versatility in your game and want a racquet that will provide good maneuverability, good power and stiffer feel to it the Salming Forza Pro is a terrific choice!

Salming Forza Pro Squash Racquet

Forza Pro of the Aero Vectran series offers the best of two worlds in terms of a perfect fusion of maneuverability and power. Terrific for volleying and aggressive play around the ”T”. Forza Pro 2018 has been made 8 grams lighter with a frame weight of 121 grams. Same power characteristics but even more maneuverability. The longest main strings are 36 cm long generating a powerful trampoline effect with the end result – effortless power. Forza Pro is strung with Salming’s Instinct Response string made in Italy.

Material comp: High Modulus Carbon + Vectran
String tension: 8-12 kg / 18-26 lbs
Frame weight: 121 g +/- 5 g,
Unstrung weight: 133 g
Total weight: 144 g
String: Instinct Response
String pattern: 14/18
Head size: 495 cm2
Total size: 685 mm
Balance: 366 mm
Handle: Soft corner shape, circumference 90mm
Color: Black/Lime
SKU: 1298110-0116

Racquet comes strung and without a cover.