Salming Cannone PowerLite Squash Racquet

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The Salming Cannone PowerLite is a light racquet and powerful racquet that is very well balance between being a good racquet to volley with and a good racquet to hit length with.

A lighter racquet is more maneuverable and allows to volley the ball more as you can react quicker to it. A slightly heavier racquet is easier to hit good solid accurate length with. The extra mass of the racquet helps provide pace with a slower speed required than with a light racquet.

The Cannone PowerLite at 149 grams finished weight with a 373mm balance is light enough to reasonably easy to volley with but also provides enough mass to make hitting good solid length easier.

If you are looking for a very versatile racquet that is both good to volley yet that can help with a good solid length game the Salming Cannone PowerLite is designed with you in mind!

Salming Cannone PowerLite Squash Racquet

The Cannone Powerlite™ is the most powerful of the Cannone family rackets which all are open throat aerodynamic rackets. We use twice as much vectran material in the Powerlite™ construction for extra vibration dampening to give the racket a very powerful and super solid feel. The Cannone Powerlite™ is 3% lighter than its predecessor Cannone Pro, with a frame weight of 125g. The longest main strings are 37 cm long generating a powerful trampoline effect. Cannone Powerlite™ is strung with Salmings Instinct Response made in Italy.

Material comp: High Modulus Carbon + Vectran
String tension: 8-12 kg / 18-26 lbs
Frame weight: 125 g +/- 5 g,
Unstrung weight: 137 g
Total weight: 149 g
String: Instinct Response
String pattern: 14/19
Head size: 495 cm2
Total size: 685 mm
Balance: 373 mm
Handle: Soft corner shape, circumference 90mm
Color: Black/Orange
SKU: 1298105-0108

Racquet comes strung and without a cover.