Prince Synergy 98 2021 Tennis Racquet

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Brand new from Prince, the 2021 Synergy 98 is primed for power without compromising on control.

Named after its control-orientated 98 sq inch size, the Synergy has a swing weight of 299 grams, making it great for accessing power with your big sweeping swings. The 60 RA stiffness minimizes strain on your arm and gives great levels of feedback from each shot.

The 18x18 string pattern offers a strong mix of spin potential and precision and the frame features a unique textured aerodynamic surface to boost swing speed. The Synergy 98 sports a CTS beam which is a little thinner in the shaft, to provide optimum feel, and thicker in the head, to further boost power and stability.

Prince Synergy 98 2021 Tennis Racquet

Weight: 305g (unstrung)
Head Size: 632cm²
Stiffness: 60 RA
Balance: 32cm
Length: 68,6cm
String Pattern: 18x18
Composition: TeXtreme x Twaron