Prince Phoenix Pro 750 Squash Racquet

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Prince squash is back with a storm, focusing on improved strength and playability, this is the Phoenix Pro 750...

Reinforced by TeXtreme X Twaron to increase stiffness, the Phoenix Pro 750 has an eye-catching design featuring a black, red, orange, and yellow colour scheme. This racquet is more on the head-light side, and comes with Twaron filaments, and Air Quadrants on the handle, both of which add comfort by effectively dampening vibrations.

With an unstrung weight of 130 grams, this racquet isn't too light, nor is it too heavy, and the low density string pattern of 14 x 15 makes it ideal for anyone looking to add a bit of power!

Prince Phoenix Pro 750 Squash Racquet

Weight: 130g
String Pattern: 14 x 15
Balance: 335mm
Material: 100% Graphite w/ TeXtreme X Twaron
Technologies: Air Handle, Powerbite and Power Ring

Racquet comes strung and without a cover.