Oliver Pure 5 Squash Racquet

$188.00 CAD

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Ultra light weight and perfect for a fast short swing, the Oliver Pure 5 Squash Racquet weighs just 105 grams unstrung!

If you're the type of player who loves a fast-paced game and taking the ball early, this head-light racquet might perfectly suit your needs! It has a slightly smaller head size of 168cm and a 14x18 string pattern giving the user a strong blend of speed and control.

The Pure 5 Squash Racquet is made from an MC-Eplon™ material and is geared primarily toward professional/competition level players (mainly due to its incredible light-weighting).

Oliver Pure 5 Squash Racquet

This frame offers an enormous ball acceleration, despite the remarkably low weight, which also allows easy handling and a fast, varied game.

Material: MC-Eplon™
Shape: Long String
Frame Weight: 105g
Strung Weight: 140g
Balance: Grip Heavy
Head Size: 468cm
String pattern: 14x18

*Racquet comes strung and without a cover*