Oliver ORC-A Supralight Squash Racquet

$210.00 CAD

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One of the lightest racquets we carry, the Oliver ORC-A Supralight is designed to attack. It is very easy to manoeuvre being as light as it is and its long main strings and slightly head heavy balance make it quite powerful. The ORC line are all very comfortable play with and absorb vibration very well.

Oliver ORC-A Supralight Squash Racquet

The new ORC-A SupraLight combines a lightweight racket with excellent power-generating ball acceleration. The Wave design of the ORC-A line absorbs vibration for comfort and provides excellent cushioning to prevent arm fatigue. Due to the slightly top-heavy balance of the ORC-A SupraLight, it is an ideal manoeuvrable racquet for attacking play.

Article ORC-A Supralight
Art.-Nr. 01325
Material Braided Nano-Eplon
Colour carbon-gold
Form Long String
Weight 100N / 135B
Balance slightly top-heavy
String SQ X9
String/Recommendation Kg. 13 L / 11 Q
Cover Fullsize Cover
Target Group Professionals
Playing Qualities

*Racquet comes strung and without a cover*