OLIVER ORC-A III Squash Racquet

$168.00 CAD

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The OLIVER ORC-A III Squash Racquet is the top of the line racquet from OLIVER. It is slightly lighter than the ORC-A at 115 grams. It has a slightly head heavy balance. This racquet is a real players racquet. Its very light weight and even balance make it lightning quick. The strings included with it, the SQ.X5 are a very good set of string that are sure to impress. This is a very high-end racquet at a very reasonable price.


Advanced Wave System

The Advanced Wave System provides shock absorbing properties giving the player better control and resulting in no energy transfer to the arm. The system also creates a stiffer frame and enlarged sweetspot for maximum control.


Nano-Eplon is a three-dimensional, nanometre-wide carbon-mesh which is among the stiffest and strongest materials ever produced. This new 3D mesh is positioned in the sweet spot zone to increase rigidity and to boost power without increasing weight. As a result, Nano-Eplon frames provide a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility, power, control, speed and precision.

SQ.X9 High Performance String

Oliver's SQ.X9 Squash String is a newly developed, high-quality multifilament string with double braided co-polymer fibres in the core and a braided titanium coating (X3D Braided Tecnology). The textured surface allows for exceptional ball control giving the perfect combination of playability and durability.


Frame Weight: 115g
Balance Evenly: Slight Head Heavy
Head Size: 500cm.sq
String Pattern: 14x18
String Tension: 20-30lbs / 9-13kgs
Construction: Braided Nano-Eplon
String: Oliver SQ.X5