Oliver ICQ 110 Pro Squash Racquet

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New from Oliver, the ICQ 110 Pro is a great all-round racquet!

Weighing 120 grams unstrung, it's on the lighter side which will help you generate a fast, short, punchy swing. It's even balance point will also help you access a bit of power without losing control of the swing.

The ICQ 110 Pro has a dense 19x14 string pattern to further assist control, and it's also important to note the icy blue, grey, and black colour scheme! 

ICQ 110 Pro

Well balanced longstring racket equipped with high dynamics. Because of its excellent playing characteristics one of the most popular squash rackets recommended by many tournament players and professionals.

  • Material MC/Eplon™
  • Form Long String
  • Weight (±g) 120N / 155B
  • Balance: balanced
  • String / Rec. Kg SQ-X5 | 13 L / 11 Q
  • Target group Profi/Turnier
  • Item-No. / EAN 4028067013630
  • String Pattern: 19x14