Oliver Fuchsia Squash Racquet

$169.99 CAD

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The Oliver Fuschia Squash Racquet is designed to provide effortless power to make the game easier to play.

With its 105 gram frame weight (140 finished weight) and head light balance the Fuschia is light and very fast to play with. Its large teardrop head is what helps make this racquet as naturally powerful as it is.

If you like to attack the ball on the volley and are looking for a powerful and forgiving racquet to play with check out Oliver's Fuschia!

Oliver Fuschia Squash Racquet

This frame convinces with its easy handling and allows a fast and powerful game with less effort.

Material MC-Eplon™
Form Long String
105 grams frame weight / 140 grams total weight
Balance grip heavy
String/ Rec. Kg SQ-X9 | L 12 / C 10

Racquet comes strung and without a cover.