Oliver Dragon 3 Squash Racquet

$159.99 CAD

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Geared towards club-level squash players looking for easy handling and pinpoint accuracy, take a look at the Dragon 3 Squash Racquet from Oliver...

With an unstrung weight of just 110 grams, this racquet is on the lighter side which makes it pretty maneuverable to play with, however, its even balance point also ensures you can get some weight and control behind your swing. 

The Dragon 3 Squash Racquet is made from Oliver's Metacarbon™ material and the frame features a bridge. This aerodynamically shaped racquet is absolutely ideal for assisting power, pace, as well as control.

Oliver Dragon 3 Squash Racquet

The concave, aerodynamic racket head offers an enlarged sweet spot. The easy handling conveys an impressive dynamic. Ideal for the ambitious attacking player.

Material: Metacarbon™
Shape: Bridge
Frame Weight: 110g
Strung Weight: 150g
Balance: Balanced

*Racquet comes strung and without a cover*