Oliver Apex 920 CE Squash Racquet

$222.00 CAD

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Light and incredibly fast to play with, the Oliver Apex 920 CE is great for attacking players looking to add deception, take balls early, and play a fast, offensive game.

Weighing just 105 grams unstrung and coming with a head light balance point, the Apex 920 CE is very light and very maneuverable, making it unbelievably fast to play with.

If you like to hit with a short, deceptive swing using a lot of wrist and whip, then this is definitely a racquet you should consider playing with.

The 'CE' in the name stands for 'Champions Edition' and this racquet is also endorsed by German squash legend Simon Rösner. According to Rösner, “If you are looking for a grip-heavy, dynamic and powerful racquet then you will not give up the APEX 920 after the first play test.”

Oliver Apex 920 CE Squash Racquet

That’s where power comes into play. A powerful longstring racquet with a greatly expanded sweet spot and very high ball acceleration. The perfect alternative for all players looking for a racquet for a dynamic and powerful game.

Material: Eplon™+K12
Weight: 105 (Unstrung) / 140 (Strung)
Balance: Head Light
String Pattern: 14 x 18

*Racquet comes strung and without a cover*