Oliver Apex 900 CE Squash Racquet

$197.00 CAD

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If you're looking to generate power without losing dynamic ability, the Apex 900 CE is ideal!

Made from Eplon and using long-string technology, the sweet spot of this racquet is expanded making it very forgiving if you hit an off centre shot. A frame weight of only 105 grams, combined with grip heavy balance, helps reinforce a more dynamic technique without losing the ability to strike the ball with power.

Backed by highest ranking German player of all time Simon Rösner, you know this is a racquet you can trust.

Oliver Apex 900 CE Squash Racquet

A powerful longstring racquet with a greatly expanded sweet spot and very high ball acceleration. The perfect alternative for all players looking for a racquet for a dynamic and powerful game.

Material Eplon™+K12
Form Longstring
Weight (±g) 105N / 140B
Balance grip-heavy
String / Rec. Kg SQ-X9 | L12 / 10 Q Target group Profi/Turnier

Racquet comes strung and without a cover.