Oliver Apex 700 CE Squash Racquet

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When I think of Simon Rösner I think of the "German tree chopper" that thunders the ball in. The Oliver Apex 700 CE Squash Racquet is Rösner's racquet of choice. While it can produce excellent power as is evident from watching Rösner play its tight 16x19 string pattern is excellent for control. It features a slightly head heavy balance which really allows the player to have a sense of where the head is.

A slightly top-heavy attack racket. Equipped with an incredible dynamic, ball speed and control. The professional racket of Simon Rösner the 10 times German champion.

Oliver Apex 700 CE Squash Racquet

Champion Edition

Material Eplon+K12
Form Bridge
Weight (±g) 125N / 145B
Balance slightly head
String / Rec. Kg SQ-X9 | L12 / 11 Q
Item-No. / ART. 1210
Target group N/A