Oliver Apex 320 CE Squash Racquet

$207.00 CAD

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The Oliver Apex 320 CE is a comfortable squash racquet that's perfect for players of all standards!

According to German squash legend, Simon Rösner the Oliver APEX 320 CE is "an ideal racket for all-round players" and, since the CE in the name stands for 'Champion Edition', you can trust that this racquet will deliver results.

Made from Eplon™+K12, this racquet is very comfortable to play with and, coming with a heavier weighting of 144 grams and an even balance point, the Apex 320 CE allows users to get some serious weight behind that ball to access exceptional power!

Oliver Apex 320 CE Squash Racquet

Ultra-light and thin layers for more optionality and weight reduction. Evenly and straightly distributed fibres in the filaments without any bending. Easy manual and automatic handling, cutting and laying. It makes the racquet enormously powerful, light and reduces vibrations that occur.

Material: Eplon™+K12
Weight: 144g
Balance: Even