NikeCourt Advantage Men's White Tennis Jacket

$115.00 CAD

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The NikeCourt Advantage Tennis Jacket does an incredible job of assisting tennis-style movements while keeping you comfortable and dry. 

This jacket is ideal for warming up before a big match or training session and, since it's water-repellant, it will keep you dry and cosy when playing in damp conditions.

The Advantage Jacket is made from a stretchy, smooth-feeling woven fabric allowing you to swing through the ball with ease, plus, the jacket's breathable mesh lining and side panels will keep you cool, comfy, and collected.

NikeCourt Advantage Men's White Tennis Jacket

Gear up for your pre-game routine in our Advantage Jacket. Designed for dynamic movement, it lets you move side to side and power through your swing in smooth, stretchy fabric. Playing in the rain? We made this one water-repellent so wet conditions can't dampen your serve.