Lotto Mirage 300 SPD Women's White & Silver Metal Tennis Shoes

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The Mirage 300 SPD Tennis Shoes from Lotto is ideal for recreational players who value stability and durability...

The shoe's lightweight KPU cage upper gives users added support, refreshing breathability, and abrasion resistance for durability, plus, the Eneturn technology located under the foot gives this shoe excellent rebound properties for responsive comfort and fast-paced changes of direction, this is enhanced by the shoe's innovative Foot Arch Support System.

RFS reinforcements in the upper further improve the stability provided by the Mirage 300 SPD to extend its lifespan, and, the striking geometric outsole pattern on the Lotto Mirage 300 SPD is designed to enhance traction and further boost durability when you're out on the court. Finally, this particular model features a cool silver metal colour scheme with white sections located on the sole, laces, and inner.

Lotto Mirage 300 SPD Women's White & Silver Metal Tennis Shoes

Endorsed by professional players, Mirage is developed from Lotto long-term technical experience and heritage. Realized with the best technical features like Lotto’s Syn-Pulse technology, and the use of innovative materials. Design, shapes and lines recall the lightness, speed and stability of the product.