Lotto Mirage 200 SPD Men's Navy Blue & Ocean White Tennis Shoes

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If you're looking for a new tennis shoe that assists with fast-paced, agile movements, then the Lotto Mirage 200 SPD could be just what you need...

Designed for mid to advanced-level tennis players, this lightweight shoe also provides optimum stability and durability. Featuring a double-layer upper, the Mirage 200 SPD sports an elastic inner-sock that allows your foot to breathe as well as an external, nylon-infused hot-melt cage to give players even more support and confidence in their movement.

With regards to technologies, the Mirage 200 SPD features a Foot Arch Support system that ensures correct torsional elasticity, and the sole is created using a durable LL40 (Longlast 40) rubber mix with high abrasion resistance. Heel Control Technology provides EVEN MORE support and control with your movements and the Side Stability Support system does a sublime job of assisting lateral movements.

Lotto Mirage 200 SPD Men's Navy Blue & Ocean White Tennis Shoes

MIRAGE 200: the tennis Lotto sock shoe designed for who want to fly on court without compromise stability and control. This tennis shoe has been studied for mid-level and high-level regular players looking for right balance between lightness, stability and durability. The upper has two layers, an inner sock composed by a bi-elastic material which enhances support and breathability and an external hot-melt cage with nylon net elements that guarantees support on any multidirectional moves. The outsole has: EVA midsole to ensure cushioning and comfort, external TPU backcounter for stability and support, bottom with LL40 outsole high quality rubber that ensures wear-resistance and traction and Punto Flex technology to improve Flexibility. SPD - SPEED SOLE: Speed sole has been developed to face aggressive terrains, such as asphalt, concrete, and generally hard courts.