Kollectaball KMax 60 Tennis Ball Collector

$139.95 CAD

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The Kollectaball KMAX 60 makes collecting tennis ball or pickleballs fast, painless, and almost fun! Just roll the KMAX along the court and with no impact at all required it will pick up the balls. The cage holds 60 tennis balls and is very easy to empty as well. It comes with a convenient hook to hang it from a court fence.

Collecting tennis balls has never been easier thanks to the Kollectaball series. As the largest and most versatile ball collector, the Kollectaball KMax 60 is easy and fun to use. This Kollectaball can hold up to 60 tennis balls and can easily dumped into a ball feeder. The handle comes with a convenient hook so that it can be stored on the court fence and out of the way.

  • Holds up to 60 tennis balls
  • Interchangeable cage (sold separately)
  • Tennis balls sold separately