Kollectaball CS60 60 Tennis Ball Collector & Feeder

$249.95 CAD

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There is no simpler way to "Kollect" tennis balls and get set up to feed them than with with Kollectaball CS60. Just push the CS60 along the court and it will quickly and easily pick up all the balls in its way. It makes cleaning up tennis balls fun and virtually effortless. Once the balls are all collected it converts to a feeder by simply flipping it up.

Kollectaball CS60 60 Tennis Ball Collector & Feeder

Collecting tennis balls has never been easier thanks to the Kollectaball series. As the largest and most versatile ball collector, the Kollectaball CS60 is easy and fun to use. This Kollectaball can hold up to 60 tennis balls and conveniently transforms into a ball feeder for drills by folding the handle. Once folded into a ball feeder, the CS60 is sturdy and reliable making it a perfect partner for coaches or camps.
  • Holds up to 60 tennis balls
  • Folds into a feeder basket
  • Adjustable feeding height
  • Interchangeable cage (sold separately)
  • Tennis balls sold separately