Karakal Tec-Pro Elite Squash Racquet

$179.99 CAD

KS 18001
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One of the most popular racquets from Karakal's Pro Series, the Tec-Pro Elite is designed to stand out!

Constructed using Fast Fibre Nano-gel, this racquet was created with power in mind. In terms of aesthetic, The Tec-Pro Elite is a traditionally shaped racquet with a bridge, and has an eye-catching yellow and black color scheme (a slightly updated artwork from the older model).

With a moderate frame weight of 125 grams, this racquet doesn't feel too heavy, nor does it feel too light! It's built in anti vibration damper ensures minimal vibration when striking the ball, and although the head size is on the smaller side (470 sq cm), the muscle-tec string system ensures a larger sweet spot and the 4 Nano Gel Nodes ensure that no power or control is lost when making contact with the ball.

Karakal Tec-Pro Elite Squash Racquet

We used our T 120ff squash racket as a template for the Tec Pro Elite. The T 120ff already had exceptional strength and precision due to its 4 Nano Gel Nodes positioned around the frame giving you more power and control. It also uses our muscle tec string system to increase the sweet spot. For the Tec Pro Elite we have adjusted the weight and balance slightly making it a beautifully balanced and powerful frame, it also includes the Fast Fibre construction that allows the frame to return to shape 10% faster after a ball strike meaning you can generate exceptional power for less effort. We have included our Hot Zone Strings in orange and translucent yellow grommets to finish the look.

New Hot Zone 120 Orange Strings
125gms Frame Weight
360mm Balance
Fast Fibre Nano Gel Construction
Built Anti Vibration dampener
Head size 470 sq cm
Square String Pattern 14/18

Racquet comes strung and without a cover.