Karakal T-120 FF Squash Racquet (2022)

$199.99 CAD

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Used by Former Australian No. 1 Cameron Pilley, who is renowned for his ability to crack the ball hard, Karakal's T-120 FF Squash Racquet sports one of Karakal's most powerful frames, and it certainly packs a punch.

Tailored to Pilley's favourite specs, this racquet sports a traditional frame shape, a medium head size of 470cm2, a head heavy balance point (assisting larger swings), and has a light weight of just 120 grams (unstrung). These features are the perfect concoction for power and are complemented greatly by Karakal's extensive use of technology in the T-120 FF...

This racquet features an inner 'Muscle System' and 4 Nano Graphite Nodes positioned around the frame to minimise vibrations and boost frame stiffness to give users more power and control, it also has an internal vibration dampener to further reduce the vibration impact on the arm. The frame of the T-120 FF also has an 'A' power shaft with power wings and a Fast Fibre Nano Graphite construction which allows the frame to return to shape 15% faster after a ball strike resulting in more power for less effort, dramatically improving playability.

Karakal T-120 FF Squash Racquet (2022)

The Karakal T-120ff comes with our Hot Zone String in Black and with a matching black PU Super Grip. The racket has been freshened up this year with orange paintwork in the shaft to compliment the decals. The addition of the crystal-clear grommet set gives it a contemporary new look.

The Karakal T-120ff is loaded with features to give the racket its exceptional strength and precision. It has the successful inner 'Muscle System' along with 4 Nano Nodes positioned around the frame to Smooth out Vibration and Increase Stiffness giving you More Power and Control.

It also has our 'Muscle Tec' string system to increase the sweet spot and an 'Internal Vibration Dampener' bonded into the frame to reduce vibration. To Cameron Pilley's specifications, the balance on this frame is designed to make the head slightly heavier allowing you to get more weight behind your shots and is constructed using Fast Fibre Nano Gel Graphite.

Length: 68.6 cm
Frame Weight: 120gms
Head Size: 470 sq cms
Balance point: 370mm
String Pattern: 14/18