Karakal T-120 Pro FF Squash Racquet

$189.99 CAD

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Karakal decided to switch things up a little when they created the T-120 Pro FF Squash Racquet, they combined the best features of the Tec Pro and the T 120 to create one racquet that gives fiery power and pinpoint precision to its users...

The T-120 Pro FF features the even balance point of the much loved Tec Pro and the light, 120 gram unstrung weighting of the T-120, meaning that its very maneuverable and fast to play with, but you can still get some weight behind your shots with a more controlled swing.

Karakal is no stranger to exploring cool technologies too, the T-120 Pro FF incorporates 4 Nano Nodes around the frame to dampen vibrations while reinforcing the stability of the frame at the power shaft area.

The construction of this racquet also features Fast Fibre Nano Graphite, allowing the frame to return to shape 15% faster contact with the ball for better energy return from your shots whild improving playability.

Last but not least, just check out that fiery orange and black colour scheme, this racquet looks great!

Karakal T-120 Pro FF Squash Racquet

The T Pro 120 is a fusion of the Tec Pro and T 120, taking the best features of both and created this new version of the T series frame. The balance point is taken from the Tec Pro frame at 360mm and the weight from the T120 at 120grams.

The T Series frames are loaded with features giving the racket its exceptional strength and precision. It has the inner 'Muscle System' along with 4 Nano Nodes positioned around the frame to Smooth out Vibration and Increase Stiffness giving you More Power and Control. Next, our 'Muscle Tec' string system increases the sweet spot and an 'Internal Vibration Dampener' bonded into the frame reduces vibration. It also has a reinforced power shaft to give even more power and stability to the frame.

The Karakal T Pro 120ff comes with our Hot Zone Braided string in Black and with a matching black PU Super Grip. The racket has vibrant orange paintwork in the throat to compliment the decals. The addition of the crystal-clear grommet set gives it a contemporary new look. Constructed using Fast Fibre Nano Graphite which allows the frame to return to shape 15% faster after a ball strike resulting in more power for less effort, and dramatically improves playability.

Weight: 120gms Frame Weight
Frame: Nexgen Fast Fibre Graphite construction
Head Size: Midplus 470 sq cms
Balance Point: 360mm
String Pattern: 14/18