Karakal S-Pro Elite Squash Racquet

$179.99 CAD

KS 18000
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Weighted and balanced to pro specifications, the S-Pro Elite makes even the biggest swing feel well controlled!

The Karakal S-Pro Elite features an artistic update to it's black and yellow design, this too was based on advice given by the Pros!

The combination of a one piece construction, a teardrop head shape, and a fan string pattern, creates a large sweet spot for the racquet which more than compensates for the smaller head size (455 sq cm). This racquet has a frame weight of 125 grams, 15 grams lighter than it's predecessor, however it still grants access to a powerful strike.

Karakal S-Pro Elite Squash Racquet

We have updated the artwork for the new season and added our Hot Zone Strings in orange, and added translucent yellow grommets to match the frame. Its basic architecture is designed around the S Series frames from our current range. The S Pro Elite has the same advantages as the S Series frames with a straightened frame profile to improve power and increase the sweet spot. The construction of this frame differs however as it is weighted and balanced to Pro specifications. It has a lovely even balance which allows you to get more power behind your shots. The weight and balance of these rackets coupled with the new Fast Fibre technology means the racket returns to shape 10% faster than conventional layups allowing you to create unprecedented levels of power.

New Hot Zone 120 String
125gms Frame Weight
Balance 345mm
Fast Fibre Nano Graphite Gel
"A" Power Shaft
One Piece Construction
Midsize Head 455 sq cm 14/19
Fan String Pattern

Racquet comes strung and without a cover.