Karakal Pro Tour 30 Backpack

$69.95 CAD

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Perfect for a player looking to travel light, without having to leave any essential gear at home!

The Karakal Pro Tour 30 Backpack has everything you need for a quick trip to the squash club, including space for a racquet, a pair of shoes, goggles, water bottle, and any other valuables!

It is designed with an Aero Mesh Back, and breather buttons to keep the bag cool and ventilated. Finally, the backpack also comes fitted with an adjustable velcro stabilising strap to keep the bag steady and secure.

Karakal Pro Tour 30 Backpack

If you want to carry a racket and playing kit for a quick trip to the court then the Pro Tour 30 Backpack is the ideal bag for you!

It measures 500x300x200mm and has a separate racket compartment and is fitted with a Velcro stabilising strap to keep them secure. In Front of the racket pocket is the main luggage compartment for your playing kit, and for after your match there is an integrated wet compartment. The backpack also has a front pocket for valuables and at the top is the soft pocket for your goggles. It also has breather buttons on the wet compartment and kit compartment to aid ventilation and pockets on the side to hold drink bottles.

  • Single Racket Backpack – 500x300x200mm
  • Wet Compartment
  • Soft pocket for goggles
  • Valuables front pocket
  • Racket compartment with stabilising strap
  • Carry Handle
  • Stash pockets
  • Breather buttons
  • Aero Mesh Back