Head Radical Tour CO Orange Pickleball Paddle

$139.95 CAD

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Powered by Head's most innovative pickleball technologies, check out the Radical Tour CO Pickleball Paddle...

This paddle is orientated completely around POWER! It incorporates HEAD's Composite Hitting Surface to maximise power and this is combined with an Optimised Tubular Core and a honeycomb core to assist with feel.

Control Stabiliser Technology further boosts stability and a Graphite Hitting Surface with Extreme Spin texture provides extra feel and maximum bite allowing for some serious spin.

Also, the Radical Tour CO is manufactured with a Comfort Grip that basically involves a special inlay of EVA material inside the handle for optimal comfort with every single shot.

Head Radical Tour CO Orange Pickleball Paddle

The Radical Tour CO is made for the powerful player who needs stability as well. In addition to its composite hitting surface, it features the new Control Stabilizer Technology (CST) for added stability during powerful rallies. HEAD's Composite Hitting Surface (CHS) combines a soft feel and more power for added comfort, while the Comfort Grip System ensures a tremendous feel and enhanced vibration dampening.

Shape: Classic
Weight: 8.1oz
Length: 16"
Width: 7 7/8"
Grip Size: 4 1/8"
Handle Length: 5"
Core Thickness: 11mm
Edgeguard: Yes
Core Material: Polymer
Face Material: Composite
Approved: USA Pickleball Approved