Head Portable Mini 5.5m Tennis Net

$169.95 CAD

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The perfect way to introduce a beginner to the game of tennis, check out this awesome Portable Mini 5.5m Tennis Net from Head!

This net was developed as part of Head's 'Tennis Instruction Program' alongside the International Tennis Federation's "Tennis Play and Stay" campaign to help young players get started in tennis.

The Portable Mini Net can be used to encourage youngsters to play regularly and work on their movement. It's easy to use and simple to set up, just put it together and start playing!

Head Portable Mini 5.5m Tennis Net

Before they step onto the biggest court, every kid starts out small. To make sure coaches, parents, and mentors around the world can give their newcomers the best possible start into the world of tennis, we present the T.I.P. NET. Super easy to set up, this net comes in two different lengths for added flexibility and is perfect for a full training session, tournaments or a quick hit in the backyard. The T.I.P. NET is named after HEAD's Tennis Instruction Program (T.I.P.). Developed in cooperation with the International Tennis Federations "Tennis Play and Stay!" campaign, this unique approach is meant to help youngsters learn the game right.