Head Maria Junior Series 21" Tennis Racquet

$29.99 CAD

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Perfect for young players starting out their tennis journey, the Head Maria Junior Series Tennis Racquets is packed full of cool details on its elegant design.

The Maria Junior Series racquets are made from aluminium so they're pretty durable, they also feature a Damp + insert to minimise vibration which gives young players a great feel of the ball without putting too much impact and strain on their arm.

One awesome feature is that the Maria Junior racquets come with a head-card that doubles as a mask and includes stickers that can be used to get creative with the already elegant design of the racquet. Finally, design-wise, the racquets feature a flower pattern on the grip and a fairytale-inspired design on the frame.

21" Version: ages 4-6

Head Maria Junior Series 21" Tennis Racquet

The Maria Junior Racquet, named after Maria Sharapova, is the perfect racquet for girls who want to get a very first feel for the sport. It comes with the unique Damp+ insert, which isolates the impact for less vibration.

The racquet features a brand new fairytale-inspired design in a beautiful light blue that will make every girl's heartbeat a bit faster. The racquet's header card can also be used as an animal mask and includes stickers for some extra fun during their first training session.