Head IG Speed 25" Junior Tennis Racquet (2022)

$69.95 CAD

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Ideal for the juniors aged between 8 and 10 looking to take the next step on their tennis journey to maximise their shot control and speed of play, check out the 2022 version of the Head IG Speed 25" Junior Tennis Racquet.

Made from a lightweight graphite material, you can generate some serious head speed with this awesome racquet. Through its use of Innegra technology and Damp Plus technology that absorbs unwanted vibrations on contact with the ball, the IG Speed 25" Junior Tennis Racquet provides excellent levels of playability and feel. 

Also, just check out that all-new slick black and silver design, it's sure to turn a few heads!

Head IG Speed 25" Junior Tennis Racquet

Made with a lightweight graphite composite, and 25 inches long, the Speed Jr. 26 TENNIS RACQUET is designed for juniors aged between 8 and 10 who like to play with speed and control. With its weight, excellent playability and modern design, this is an ideal first racquet that will let kids have fun on court. While the Innegra technology provides shock absorption and improves stability, the Damp Plus technology absorbs impact vibration before it can reach the handle, giving better feel.

Weight (Unstrung): 240 g / 8.5 oz
Covering Pattern: 16/19
Face Size: 645 cm² / 100 in²
Balance: 300 mm / 0.7 in HL
Length: 635 mm / 25 in
Frame Height: 22mm
Age: 9 - 11