HEAD Hawk Power Monofilament 17g Petrol Tennis String Set

$20.95 CAD

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If you're looking for a powerful tennis string that is still forgiving on off-centre hits, check out the Head Hawk Power String Set...

This monofilament string's inner crystalline core, which influences control, and the outer molecular chains, which influence power, are perfectly balanced thanks to the innovative Crystal Core Technology, a unique manufacturing process. Highly durable and with high spin potential, these strings are the perfect weapon for the high-level Tour and tournament player. After all, with great power comes great responsibility.

Although it may be slightly less durable than a 16 gauge string, this 17 gauge version of the Hawk Power will allow you to access great feel while soaking up the pace of your opponent and returning their shot with pace and spin.

HEAD Hawk Power Monofilament 17g Petrol Tennis String Set

Manufactured in the United States, the HAWK POWER TENNIS STRINGS are designed for high-performance players who want to add even more explosive power to their games. The monofilament strings are made to be more forgiving for off-center hits, and allow for a large sweetspot, while they are also engineered to keep their tension for longer. As part of HEAD's move towards greater sustainability, all single set packaging is made in the US from recycled material and environmentally friendly printing colors.