Head Graphene Touch Speed 120 L Squash Racquet

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The HEAD Graphene Touch Speed120 L Squash Racquet is a lightweight, powerhouse of a squash racquet. Featuring HEAD's AFP stringing option this racquet can be strung at 12/17 or 16/17. The 12/17 (stock) stringing pattern provides incredible power and spin due to being so open. If you looking to add a bit more control to this powerful racquet restring it at 16/17. You can control just how much power you want. At 120 grams the Speed 120 is fairly light but its head heavy balance helps the racquet head come through to the ball very naturally and increases power potential. The "L" stands for ladies. The only difference between this L and non L version is the cosmetic.

Head Graphene Touch Speed 120 L Squash Racquet

The Graphene Touch Speed 120 L brings some serious power to the aggressive front court player who needs some additional control. This comes from the slightly higher weight, which increases the racquet's overall swing weight for more control. Just like the rest of the Speed family, the racquet features a power-supporting unique teardrop shape and a bigger head size. The power elements typical for the silo are also due to HEAD's Amplified Fibre Technology (AFT) and the additional stiffness it provides as well as the revolutionary Corrugated Technology (CT2), which incorporates extra-long corrugated rails in the racquet's shaft for additional stiffness. By the way, the name comes from the new Graphene Touch technology, an evolution from Graphene XT, which provides exceptional touch and a solid feel during those powerful strokes. If you are an aggressive power player who is seeking some control support, don't look further than the Graphene Touch Speed 120.

STRING PATTERN: 12/17, 16/17
HEAD SIZE: 500 cm²
BALANCE: head heavy
LENGTH: 685 mm
BEAM: 20 mm