Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Lite Tennis Racquet (2021)

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New in from Head, the 2021 version of the Graphene 360+ Gravity Lite incorporates the infamous huge sweet spot of the Gravity range into a lightweight frame!

Sporting many of Head's most innovative technologies, this racquet is something truly special. The Graphene 360+ Gravity MP incorporates Head's infamous Graphene 360+ technology which produces improved energy transfer and innovative spiral fibers for enhanced flex and clean impact feel.

Weight wise, the Gravity Lite lives up to its name with a light weight of 270 grams, this makes it pretty maneuverable to play with, and, the racquets larger head size of 670 squared cm further enhancing power.

Finally, this racquet sports an open 16/20 string pattern which creates an increased snap back effect on the string bed allowing for more spin, and its teardrop head shape gives the Gravity Lite its renowned large sweet spot. 

Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Lite Tennis Racquet (2021)

The GRAVITY LITE might be the lightest racquet in the GRAVITY series, but it still includes all of the range’s performance benefits. Just like its big brothers, it has a massive sweetspot and features the Graphene 360+ technology, a combination of Graphene 360's energy transfer and innovative spiralfibers which delivers enhanced flex and clean impact feel. Such a modern and dynamic racquet has a new, bold and distinctive flip design in bright colors, with a yellow-green fade on one side and a blue-violet fade on the other. The GRAVITY series is endorsed by Alexander Zverev and Ashleigh Barty.

CPI: 700
WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 270 g / 9.5 oz
HEAD SIZE: 670 cm² / 104 in²
BALANCE: 335 mm / 0.3 in HL
LENGTH: 685 mm / 27.0 in
BEAM: 24mm

Racquet comes unstrung and without a cover.