Harrow Spark Black/Royal Squash Racquet

$222.00 CAD

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The Harrow Spark Squash Racquet is extremely light at 135 grams fully finished. Most racquets are weighed unfinished, meaning without the grips, grommet strip, bumper guard and strings. At 135 grams the Spark is one of the lightest racquets available today. Its very lightweight makes it ultra maneuverable. Its 375 balance puts a bit more of its weight in the head, behind the ball which does help. Its smaller head size and dense 14 x 19 stringing pattern make it a great control racquet yet it still has ample punch when you catch the ball cleanly.

Harrow Spark Black/Navy Squash Racquet

A staple in our Player Performance line, the Jonathon Power Custom Spark remains the go-to racquet for high-level players seeking a lightweight frame with amazing control. At 135 grams finished weight the Spark remains one of the lightest racquets on the market today.

-Strung with Barrage Pro
- Weight 135 g
- Balance 375 mm