Harrow Response Squash Racquet

$229.99 CAD

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With a frame weight of 120 grams, the Harrow Response is a very light racquet and its even balance helps it play very quickly. The "Response" name is a great name for this frame for a couple of reasons. It is catchy of course but it also has a great feel to it and you get a good response from it.

Harrow Response Squash Racquet

The Response features a teardrop design for increased power without sacrificing control and stability. It is aerodynamic through the swing plane with great feel on all shots and is perfect for players of all levels.

  • Balance - Even
  • Balance At - 360mm
  • Colour - Grey / Yellow
  • Composition - Carbon / Graphite
  • Factory String Tension - 28lbs
  • Grip - White
  • Head Shape - Closed Throat
  • Skill Level - Advanced
  • String Type - Barrage
  • Weight - 120g Frame Weight