Gearbox Vision Amber Lens Eye Guards

$54.99 CAD

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Gearbox's Vision Eye Guards are ideal for protecting your eyes whatever your sport!

Featuring amber polycarbonate lenses and an anti-fog coating, you can rely on these eye guards to keep you safe without hindering your vision at all. The Vision Eye Guards are also scratch-resistant and come with a protective case meaning that they're durable and will certainly stand the test of time.

These eye guards meet ASTM F803 Ball Impact Standards meaning that they can be used across a huge range of sports to keep you protected.

Gearbox Vision Amber Lens Eye Guards

The Vision Eyewear with Amber Lens is now the brightest eyewear in the lineup. This eyewear was designed with safety in mind. With the increasing need to track balls at high speeds especially in a dim court, Gearbox has created the Amber Lens eyewear. This eyewear will help brighten up a dim court giving the ball contrast as it speeds through helping you keep your eye on the ball.