Franklin US Open Sling Bag

$49.99 CAD

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Check out the US Open Sling Bag from Franklin Pickleball! It's the official bag for the US Open so you know it's something special...

The bag has room for up to 6 of your favourite pickleball paddles and 6 pickleballs too! It also has a felt-lined accessory pocket to keep your valuables safe and a waterbottle pocket too.

The US Open Sling Bag is incredibly convenient, it has an easy-to-grab carry strap for quick movement, a fence hook to clip the bag onto the court fence, and a super comfortable shoulder strap to carry the bag on your back.

Franklin US Open Sling Bag

The Franklin Pickleball Sling Bag is the official bag of the US Open and has been designed to carry all your pickleball gear and more comfortably and conveniently. The Sling Bag can hold 6 paddles securely and 6 X-Performance 40 official pickleballs with room to spare. This bag will help keep your personal devices safe in the designated felt lined soft pocket. Heading to the court on a hot day? The Franklin Pickleball Sling Bag g can carry your favorite sports bottle too. When you get to the game, clip the bag onto the court fence with our easy to use fence hook!

  • Hold up to 6 pickleballs
  • Easy-use fence hook
  • Convenient carry strap
  • Cell phone pocket