Franklin Ben Johns Signature 16mm Pickleball Paddle

$159.95 CAD

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Introducing the official paddle of pickleball champion Ben Johns, this is the Franklin Ben Johns 16mm Signature Paddle...

This durable paddle was designed and curated by Ben Johns to provide the user with a premium quality paddle that will stand the test of time. The 16mm thick polypropylene core is designed to assist effortless shot-making and the fibreglass surface layer ensures a larger sweet spot in the centre of the paddle face.

The Ben Johns 16mm Signature Paddle also incorporates MaxGrit technology to dampen vibration, ensuring optimal control and maximum precision with every single shot. Finally, this paddle is approved by the USAPA for competitive and tournament play.

Franklin Ben Johns Signature 16mm Pickleball Paddle

The Ben Johns Signature Pickleball Paddle was created by a champion and plays to the standards a top player requires. It has an extra textured surface that creates incredible traction so that balls spin more easily. Vibration is reduced thanks to the polypropylene core while creating a large, versatile sweet spot.

The Ben Johns Signature Pickleball Paddle is made for the serious player who wants an adaptable, efficient paddle that can easily cover the full span of the court.

Weight Range: 7.9-8.3oz
Paddle Length: 16.5"
Paddle Width: 7.5"
Handle Length: 5.6"
Handle Circumference: 4.5" *actual grip size may vary up to 1/8"
Grip Style: Smooth
Grip Manufacturer: Franklin
Core Thickness: 16mm (5/8")