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Eye Rackets X.Lite 120 Power Squash Racquet

$129.99 CAD

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The Eye Rackets X.Lite 120 Power Squash racquet is the more power and spin friendly version of one their most popular racquets. It features the same feel, weight and balance as the racquet used by Amr Shabana but with its very open 12x17 string pattern there is more power and spin available to the player. At 120 grams frame weight and with a slightly head heavy balance the X.Lite 120 is a powerful racquet indeed but is also very maneuverable which is lethal combination. If you are considering Amr Shabana's racquet but want the racquet to aid you a bit more in generating pace, then the Eye Rackets X.Lite 120 Power Squash Racquet is for you!

Eye Rackets X.Lite 120 POWER Squash Racquet 2017

The generous sweet-spot and forgiving frame provide excellent touch and feel. The open string pattern (12 vertical strings)provides more power and slice (spin). It also creates a bigger sweet spot. for Players that want to play like Shabana but with even more power.

  • String pattern: Power
  • Flexibility: Touch
  • Balance: Even-head heavy
  • Head size: 490 cm2
  • Weight: 120gr (frame only)

Eye Rackets offer a 1-year warranty on the racquet for breakage under the 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock points of the racquet. Any breaks due to contact above 3 and 9 o'clock will not be covered.