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Eye Rackets X.Lite 110 Barrington Squash Racquet

$199.99 CAD

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Created in collaboration with Jonah Barrington, one of the best squash players of all time who reached world No.1 and won the British Open a whopping 6 times, the Eye Rackets X.Lite 110 Barrington Squash Racquet truly is something special...

Weighing just 110 grams unstrung and coming with a head-light balance point, this racquet is very very maneuverable, meaning that it will allow you to react fast, take balls early, and trick your opponents with short, deceptive swings. 

The X.Lite 110 also has a larger 490cm2 head size, a dense 14x18 string pattern, and a traditional frame shape. This combination gives the racquet a generous sweet spot and allows you to access some serious control with your strikes.

Lastly, like most Eye Rackets racquets, the X.Lite 110 doesn't have a bumper strip, reducing weight and allowing you to scrape tight shots off the side wall a little easier too!

Eye Rackets X.Lite 110 Barrington Squash Racquet

The Eye racket range is extensive in weight, balance and string formation ensuring there is a racket to suit players of all standards.

All Eye’s products are developed by Pros who advise and test extensively.

This ensures you get the most playable and most durable squash products on the market.

Weight: 110 grams (unstrung)
String Pattern: 14 x 18
Material: Premium Graphite
Balance: Head-light
Head size: 490 cm2