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Eye Rackets V.Lite 120 Pro Series Squash Racquet

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If you're looking for a lightweight racquet that still gives you access to a bit of power without compromising on control, take a look at the V Lite 120 Pro Series Squash Racquet from Eye Rackets...

This racquet is strung with a 14x18 string pattern for a bit of added control and is combined with a large 500cm2 head size which provides a more forgiving sweet spot for any off centre hits. Like most of their racquets, with the V Lite 120 Pro Series, Eye have removed the bumper strip to reduce some extra weight.

This racquet is light, weighing only 120 grams unstrung, which gives the user a bit of maneuverability, however, its head heavy balance point still allows you to swing fully through the ball and access a bit of controlled pace.

Eye Rackets V Lite 120 Pro Series

The Eye racket range is extensive in weight, balance and string formation ensuring there is a racket to suit players of all standards. All Eye’s products are developed by Pros who advise and test extensively. This ensures you get the most playable and most durable squash products on the market.

Balance: Head Heavy
Head size (cm): 500 cm
Stringing pattern: 14x18
Unstrung weight: 120 grams

Racquet comes strung & without a cover