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Eye Rackets S Line Atomic Peach Indoor Court Shoes

Eye Rackets S Line Atomic Peach Indoor Court Shoes

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The Eye Rackets S Line Atomic Peach Indoor Court Shoes are designed for the demanding player. If you want to see them in action check out Superman, Paul Coll!

Well protected in the medial side to protect against drag against the court the S Line are designed to be durable. The upper of the shoes is designed with a fair amount of mesh to increase breathability and to help keep the weight of the shoe down. Through the lateral side through the middle to the medial side is Eye torsional stability unit. This is designed to provide excellent lateral stability to the shoe and protect you, the player from injury and provide a solid base.

The heel of the shoe has excellent cushioning which helps protect the foot from the abuses we squash players put on our feet. The heel cup of the shoes features a TPU unit and is well cushioned to protect the achilles.

Overall the Eye Rackets S Line Indoor Court Shoes are a very high quality shoe that are designed to stand up to even the hardest use on a squash court. For those that watch the PSA tour they will know that Superman Paul Coll is one of the best movers on court and one of the strongest overall athletes on the tour and these are his shoe of choice.

From a fit perspective we have found that they fit a bit small, although they do loosen up a bit after playing in them.

If you are normally between two sizes, you would mostly like fit best in the half size up. For example, I wear a size 8 normally but in the odd shoe I need an 8.5. In the S Line I am wearing an 8.5.

I would also note up in the forefoot area the rubber protection provided to protect the toe box and medial side from wear from the court is relatively firm and does not give from the inside. As such they are a slightly narrow fit from the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint through the toes.

Please note that Eye Rackets has not manufactured half sizes between 9 and 12.